Dreamcatcher Circus Train & Food Wagon
Tulsa, Ok

                ALL ABOARD!!!!!
                The CIRCUS TRAIN is coming to your next party.
               Featuring colorful circus animals, our train is safe and truly unique!
Each car features jungle animals. Kids and adults will love to ride in the Monkey Cage car,
 Zebra car, Elephant car, Reptile car and Caboose.

 This train was built by P.T. Barnum and Bailey Circus and has won numerous awards!

Make your event special! Book our train, or food wagon to attend your event where it will be a main attraction for both children and adults.
 Seating for 30, our trackless Circus Train is just that, no tracks! Can go on many surfaces.
 This allows us to chug along in your area where without boundaries whistling and smokin' as we go.
Contact us for information on bringing this    fantastic attraction to your event! 

$275.00 hr (2 HR MIN)


Dream Catcher Carriage & Party Ponys, Carriages-Horse, Sapulpa, OK
Be the hero by bringing our Circus Train to your child's birthday party! We also attend church events, school events or whatever function where you need an attraction that will be loved by all.

  We are happy to bring you the fun of this historical train to your party.   The train will give the party an element that both the child and parent can enjoy together.
Open cars for the adults and the fun of getting inside our Monkey and caboose cars.

Can you hear the train whistle blow???  I think I hear it coming to your party.

Check out our other party options that can be included in your event.

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